sexta-feira, maio 27, 2011

Applets do iphone para medir (ecologically) a actividade física

Ok, asseguramos o diagnóstico etiologico e funcional, medimos... questionámos, intervimos e medimos a meio e no fim o valor da intervenção terapêutivca estabelecida...
Mas será que não podemos medir de forma mais ecológica e REAL...

O futuro é agora:

"iPhone is emerging as a ubiquitous physical activity measurement platform due to its incorporated accelerometer sensor. The iPhone's capacity to accurately measure physical activity has not been put to scrutiny up to now, despite claims from an increasing number of applications. This study examines ways to perform accurate physical activity measurements with the iPhone, at various positions on the user's body (...)"


"In this paper the authors describe a novel way to conduct large-scale human studies achieving the maximum outreach and impact with the minimum cost. An iPhone health application, 'Walk n' Play', was developed and released for free in the App Store. The application measures calories spent due to walking activities through the iPhone's accelerometer. It is a real-time awareness tool that helps people to keep their sedentariness in check. Furthermore, it uses motivational mechanisms based on buddy support/competition and social networking to increase daily physical activity. The anonymous data gathered from thousands of users around the world, reveal patterns of human behavior at a resolution and scale not feasible before(...)"


Aqui-devices to measure physical activity... in days

What else?

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