terça-feira, outubro 23, 2007

BBC: Is it OK for disabled people to go to brothels?

Notícia da BBC, onde aspectos de participação (ICF), são analisados.

«This is the decade when discrimination against disabled people is finally being tackled in the UK, but while the law can open up a workplace or install a ramp, it is never easy to change what is in people's minds. And there are many people who would shy away from a relationship with a disabled person.

"I've been out to pubs and clubs, you see people with each other. Then they go off home. But people look at disabled people as not being able to have a relationship."

Asta Philpot on a ferry
Asta Philpot believes visiting brothels is acceptable

Society has a difficulty with disabled people and sex, Asta suggests. Television, and particularly the film industry, doesn't like to present people in wheelchairs in romantic scenarios. As objects of pity, or as exemplars of an inspirational fight against adversity maybe. But when was the last time you saw a disabled person playing the run-of-the-mill romantic lead?»

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